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TL 9000

TL 9000 requirements were developed by the QuEST forum (The Quality Excellence for Suppliers of Telecommunications Leadership), comprised of leaders in the telecommunications field. The QuEST forum used ISO 9001 as a baseline and incorporated the requirements of telecommunication industry standards and practices in developing the TL 9000 requirements. The development of sector-specific requirements for hardware, software and services quality system and metrics requirements is an essential part of TL 9000.


Benefits of TL 9000:

  • Establish a common set of quality system requirements and effective performance and cost-based metrics to guide processes.

  • Drive continuous improvement.

  • Enhance customer/supplier relationships in telecommunication industry.

  • Protect the integrity and use of telecommunication products and services.

Glass Buildings

1. For whom are these requirements intended?

TL 9000 applies to all suppliers of hardware, software and services in
telecommunication industry.

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